Identifying with the dog eased my constipation

He “says”, It’s really not that difficult and shows me how.


That’s really inspiring lol

My cat cured my hiccups.

I once had a black duck named darkwing and a white one named ben aflack…ben no ■■■■ drowned in his doggy water bowl. Funniest sad moment i have ever happend upon.

Good for you that your dog able to help you on your constipation. Not all the time he can help you as it is just a psychological feeling of yours. You can drink more water or fruit juices to relieved from constipation. Or you can have the Digestic by Mimonis which is an herbal supplement that is very effective in relieving constipation problem. It greatly helps me when I was constipated that is why I am heavily relying to it when I got constipated.

Life is a much better place with this post :slight_smile:

My constipation is inherited tension in origin. My diet is good. It’s like I always feel I’m a social outcast when I’m on the toilet.

I don’t understand you, Huck. Will you explain?

I find the subject comical against the rigidity of society. There fore light hearted and happy

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