Ideations and bad feelings

Do you think it is acceptable to treat suicidal ideation - that comes to mind like pop-ups - and bad feelings resulting from family discussions with caffeine and isolation? i simply could not find another way to relief me temporarily today…

Normally I would say isolation is a bad idea, especially when talking depression/SI, but sometimes we all need a little time to ourselves. As long as the isolating behavior doesn’t get out of control there is nothing wrong with a little alone time. And if having a little caffeine helps pick you up, then why not have some?

I hope you feel better soon! :slight_smile:

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Thanks @freakonaleash, I think I am having extreme mood swings, my point of view and feelings is changing worst than seasons. Now I am going deeply down like a dark cold long winter with lots of snow and I ask myself if caffeine provokes paliperidone depletion.

Gotcha. I’ve never heard of caffeine interfering with an AP. I drink three cups of coffee per day, and often a Pepsi at some point during the day, but I’m not on Invega/paliperidone; I’m on Abilify injections and Haldol. I never would have thought of caffeine as a potential problem, but perhaps your doctor would have a different opinion on the matter.

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