Ideas to get motivated

get out of relative isolation and connect with people.

find some project that is satisfying emotionally

find some project that hits the soul

anything else?



find some way to help someone
keep a gratitude journal
accumulate in good deeds
donate old but good clothing to the poor
etc etc.


I like this one. I guess if you’re other oriented it applies too.

my project, i hope to make it to the dentist, i have not been in 26 years, i don’t like people touching me.
take care

You shouldn’t wait around waiting for motivation to magically come to you. First you do something no matter how small and that will motivate you to do more.

Be willing to try new things.

thanks nick for your idea here. sounds right.


My idea to get myself motivated is to just do it,but I understand that if you had severe depression or neg symptoms it’s hard to do things

I don’t lack motivation but lack the sharpness of brain to do some intelligent things to cheer me up like doing intensive writing for a novel.