Ideas for Treatments?

So good news, or so I think. I got a letter that the prosecutor and my lawyer signed to send to the judge requesting a dismissal of my charge. I really hope he does, because I still never even got a chance to say anything, never even saw what led to the charge other than it was the defense’s argument. I had a manic episode yesterday, and I called all these courts and asked about it. I talked to my brother who said I have been not acting like myself, and that I should go back on the medication.

I have not taken Abilify for two months. I have not taken it since I was jailed and they refused to give me the medication which was brought in for me to take. It takes three days for me to get to the point that I will either become psychotic, depressed, etc. so I was in there for about three days, and in extremely stressful emotional situation. I made all those random calls, and was crying on the phone and all over the place because firstly I was told both that it was moved to another court each time, they spelled my name wrong, and apparently there’s not even a record of my arrest. Yeah a police trooper called me mumbling something about there’s no paper trail and how this has never happened to him before. Then he said there was no record of my arrest.

I think I have cancer.

I have a bunch of spots and lumps on my skin. Red spots on my breasts that hurt, and under my arms. I was told it could be a bacteria infection and put on anti-biotics. I don’t know what to do. I decided I want to quit smoking too. So I have that, and then my brother said I was acting crazy so he wants me to go back on the medication. I don’t want to, because I can remember things and I can feel emotions. I can do neither on anti-psychotics. But if I don’t take the ADHD medication, which I still take, I will not wake up and sleep all day.

I really don’t want to die at thirty…

Dear @StarryNight~
This sounds like what happened to my son-a few times!
Must feel scary, but it will work out ok.
Im sorry I cant remember your diagnosis-but can`t you be on some other kind of med besides Abilify?
I would trust your brother-and tell him how you feel about that type of medication.
Hope you are ok by the time you read this…
Much love OO