Ideas for a Halloween Story!

In the realm of Steven King and Anne Rice, and Christopher Rice. I’m feeling depressed therefore I will be trying to come up with a scary Halloween story.

The Bewitching
A modern twist on all your worst nightmares.

You awaken in a graveyard after a Halloween party, to realize everyone around you is the walking dead, and you’re the only one whose still not a ghost.
You have to find the talisman to save humanity from becoming an endless shadow of itself.
Only problem is, once you activate the talisman, you become the walking dead! So do you save the world, or do you save yourself from the world of the undead and be the last one alive?

What happens when the spell wears off?

The Montauk Project continued…

Haunted Houses, clones, teleportation, evil Mansions, and Marilyn Manson.


Once upon a time…