Idea. Involves cooking

This is mainly for @SurprisedJ and anyone else who likes to cook/bake. I remember kidsis saying something about you plying a pretty neighbor with muffins. I know pintrest is pretty much a women’s site (you don’t have to tell anyone you are on there) but they have REALLY good recopies for really anything you can dream up. Salmon, cookies, ect. There are a LOT of them too.
Sorry to make this an open topic, but I don’t think C would be cool with me privately messaging people on here.
But yeah. If you can ignore the women’s fashion stuff, your searching through cookbooks, and shady internet sites is over.

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No worries about the private messaging. I’m glad other people get to check out the idea too.

Thank you for this idea by the way. It’s pretty fun and there are a lot of ideas.

What I REALLY want to do is get my hands on my Grandma’s cook book. She has all the recipes she grew up with. It’s hand written and has the food she would make in Mexico in it and she has photos stuffed in and little drawings. My Dad has it and it doesn’t leave his book shelf to easily. It was his Mom’s after all.

Might also be worth doing a google for ‘recipes for students’ as those shouldn’t be too difficult or too expensive.

Here is one site

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