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I interacted with this community for more than a year now. I noticed a pattern. Those individuals who experienced their first major psychosis 2-5 years in the past tend to be unemployed and cared for by their parents. Therefore they find themselves with a lot of time and inability to decide on what to do with their life. Obviously that includes myself. Serious employers do not want us, and our portfolios are either outdated or are absent completely.

I am looking to connect with other software developers who are in a similar situation to mine. That is they are either students or ill former professionals who want to return to work, like myself.

Medical status tracking and report software become much more relevant and accessible with the appearance of smartphones and Web hosting availability. Nowdays it’s largely just a matter of producing the actual application. Hosting and distribution are largely handled effectively by other parties.

Finally, my idea is to collaborate with other members of this community to produce a naive Web service. The purpose of this service I imagine would be for end users, fellow schizophreniacs, to track their progress.

For example, an individual would tap a button on their smartphone to indicate that they either experience a psychotic episode or maybe on the contrary that they successfully overcame a challenge related to their disease, or track when they took their pills and how large a dose. Then they, or possibly a therapist, could review the reports that the system collected to inform their decisions and evaluate progress. There is even a formal open standard that could be implemented that is specifically designed to share the daily activities of a tracked patient to evaluate their state.

What I try to say is that there is demand for applications like that, and there is also a need for the members of this community to prove themselves in the job market. Maybe this is an opportunity.

I can discuss this topic much more in depth. Alternatively I can take part in any kind of software development project that I find interesting. Regardless, I want to gauge the interest of this community.


Here is a job opening for a software developer for mental healthcare system: Senior Back-End Engineer at Quartet Health. The position requires Java and PostgreSQL specifically. I worked professionally with both for less than two years. The lack of experience and mental issues prevent me from qualifying for this job, but if the opportunity was for a junior developer, I could have reasonably applied.

And here is a white paper describing how and why healthcare use open standards to manage their development and maintainance. Open Source, Open Standards, and Health Care Information Systems

This is just to prove that this is a real career opportunity.


At least you learned something practical. My education was geared towards math and you know how useless that is.

I like this idea of yours

I dont qualify for any programming job however

But i do have lots of ideas

You can make a schizoprenics simulation app.

I thought about that some time ago while i was studying

Actually I regret not studying mathematics much more intensely than I did. If I understood it better, I could have been the one implementing complex algorithms and performance critical software. Instead I am stuck doing office paper pushing that doesn’t require much academic knowledge. I plan to brush up on mathematics soon, especially algebra, if my clarity persists.

By the way, medical software specifically often relies on rendering, the process of transferring data structures into images. That requires solid understanding of geometry and algebra as well. Thankfully, I did some game engine programming on the side, so the most basic knowledge applies here.

I figured I will implement a portion of this standard if no freelance works shows up in the near future. Index - FHIR v4.0.1

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Applied Mathematics is geared towards implementing algorithms. Pure mathematicians live in their own world, proving stuff all the time. It is crazy. I took “Introduction to Modern Analysis” and feel like I just touched the tip of the iceberg. Pure Statistics is also about proving a lot of math behind Statistical notions and that was my concentration while doing Master’s.

Indeed I wouldn’t know anything about that. I only ever did applied mathematics up to bachelor’s degree.

It isn’t going well. I figured I could implement a subset of OpenEHR standard, specifically a generic web server based on Java+Netty framework+REST API. Thankfully, the standard’s developers provide tools for parsing their metadata, and REST API blueprints specifically.

Sadly my negative symptoms still flare up sporadically. I can’t even finish my prototype Web server. After hours of frustration I just end up doing something that requires much less concentration.

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