I'd rather have Godzilla sasquatch king kong

Big foot every orange cone than be homeless chasing me. I heard my meth head neighbors upstairs said I wish they’d move.

■■■■ you ■■■■■. Just because you don’t like me I have to move? It’s a bad time as all apartment place are full. I hate them. They’ve been harassing me for three years. If you don’t like it then move. I’m not going homeless and neither are my cats.

Go ■■■■ yourself. ■■■■■

I have a nightmare neighbour too

He has his prostitutes round constantly.

No one makes that amount of noise when they’re having sex unless they’re paid to fake an orgasm

My neighbor uses psychological crap to bug me or stupid games. I don’t know how I haven’t gone crazy. That sick bas*ard.

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