I'd like a date

Ridding the world of sexism IS a big deal.

Strength, lol! I was a farm hand and outperformed the men I worked with. I threw bales of hay TO them to stack on the truck. All of the guys said they couldn’t keep up.

So your point is null.


It’s not off topic because this is why you can’t get a date.

that’s great, there are exceptions but I’m not trying to put women down or say they cant do anything, totally not saying that, I just wouldn’t like to see any harm come to them, i get why women are all defensive bc guys have been running things for a long time and they are like ‘why cant a woman do that’ I get that.

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That isn’t up to you, thank goodness or we’d have no women soldiers, doctors, police.

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my sister is in security actually, I wouldn’t like her to be in danger though.

No one wants to be in danger bit it isn’t your place to try to protect anyone except yourself.

I don’t see anything wrong with that, i care for my mum, and always look out for the women i know, nothing wrong with that

I am proud of my sister for getting involved in the security business but glad she wont be in any dangerous situations.

People you know and around are one thing
But you constantly say things about women in general. Sweeping generalization is what gets you in trouble with people here.

I’m not sure what you mean but it seems people are against what I am saying but that’s ok, we don’t all need to agree and the world isn’t perfect.

this thread has been totally derailed but its ok, i wont flag anyone lol

Saying we can disagree is fine when it is over what is better, pizza or burgers.

Not when it’s blatant sexism.

If a male sees a woman being attacked and jumps in to defend her, that’s not sexist, that’s just being a good samaritan. Telling a woman she shouldn’t join the military to defend her country because she has booooobz is very sexist. It’s not your place to tell women what they can’t do with their careers or their bodies.

Edit:Guarantee my daughter would punch your lights out if you said this to her face.


And it isn’t really a derail. People are saying why women aren’t likely to date you if you display this type of thinking.

yeah right, i believe you lol

Back to your original topic though, you are going to have a hard time finding a woman who wants to be taken care of in every way. If you do, she might not be someone you’d really want to be with because she’d be really needy. A woman who wants a man to take care of her every need, isn’t necessarily a strong, independent person.


Don’t be a smartass.

You’re the one complaining about not having a girlfriend.

We’re all married.

Maybe you should listen.


It’s called tae kwon do. She’s proficient with it.

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My ex partner of 15 yrs was pretty good, we supported each other through illness.

violence and threats is not the answer, we are all adults here ‘apparently’

Not threatening anything. Just telling you how you can expect generation Z ch1x0rz to react to your desire to tell them how to live their lives.