I'd go to jail if I did what doctor did

It seems to me doctoring is just an excuse for aggression. I suppose parents have to approve.

I should be in jail too, you know…like everyone may be likely to be accussed of something wrong or a mistake.

I’m not perfect just like you lol.

Hmmm very cryptic, can you elaborate?

But sometimes we pick up our aggressive ways from doctor.

Not cryptic at all. Doctor’s methods are violent. Knives, injections, radiation.

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Yeah ok I get you now. I tend to think that’s what started my illness tbh. The sight of all the equipment as a kid and just not being able to understand it all. I have memories of walking around the hospital unsupervised Not sure how old I was. The memory is I walked into a operating theater while they were operating. The nurse looking after me went ballistic tucking me back in the bed. Going on how much I traumatised the doctor. Like what the fudge! Not sure if that really happened though. But hospitals always give me the creeps.

Yes, I agree, some of these tests border on torture - I walked away from my grueling blood test with multiple marks and bruises.

My family doctor mentioned colonoscopy to me - I am thinking to myself, where is this tube traveling? No way Jose not for me

They don’t bow down to The Hippocratic Oath anymore either. Most make their own up.

Bow to the Oath? What of Medicine??

I don’t know I just think that Doctors today put medicine out much too quickly yet it has nothing to do with the average M.D. themselves but Pharmacologists may begin to (rethink) issuing a medicine too soon.

Here’s a typical example:

I was given lurasidone about a year ago before I met my GF. Now, it seems LATUDA is just an anti-depressant and works for people with bipolar disorder.

A medicine developed in 2010 has been cleared, in my opinion too early for too many things.

I don’t appreciate the medicine throwing, when a medicine is developed for SCZ, I think the purpose of medicine should be (thoroughly analyzed) with research not just, (generalized usage).

Yes it seems that a lot of the newer antipsychotics are geared for depression and not so much psychosis - Abilify is a good example of this also.

I am a bit wary to try Latuda, because it’s basically an antidepressant, and this class of medication is a no no for the type of bipolar that I have - antidepressants worsen the picture for me