Ibogaine used for obesity

I thinks if you administered some ibogaine to people with obese tendencies and brains it would set them free from the intense opiate like high of food.

In fact, ibogaine might set anyone free from any harmful opiate like substances in their lives.

Ibogaine, the cure for lust and opiate like addictions.

They already sees it completely sets heroin addicts free from their addictions.

Maybe it could work for other things that work the same way.

Ibogaine is classified as a as a Schedule I-controlled substance in the United States,[58] and is not approved there for addiction treatment (or any other therapeutic use) because of its hallucinogenic, neurotoxic, and cardiovascular side effects, as well as the scarcity of safety and efficacy data in human subjects.[59]

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It makes heroin addicts not heroin addicts anymore.

It can set people free from opiates and opiate like harmful addictions.


I wonder though, if you gave it to an obese person if they would be set free from over eating?

That is probably not true 100% of the time and there are alternatives. Relapse can occur as soon as they are reintroduced to the substance.

You’re associating obesity with food addiction. Which might correlate but it’s not always the case. There are metabolic issues and other things that play into obesity.

I know a girl who doesn’t eat any more than anyone else, but she is on mood stabilizers and can’t lose weight. She probably eats less than a lot of people out there(but drinks beer for carbs).

I mean it’s a funny proposition and all, but natural dopamenergic releases from food consumption are nothing like the opiate induced changes on the brain.

If I had to preach an approach to these things, Abstinence and moderation should be everyone’s focus regarding all pleasure. Learn to enjoy the default state of mind and the responsibly enhance it from there.

That ■■■■ is pretty dangerous when patients on psychiatric drugs take it. Also heard there is a pretty substantial rate death.

But above all it makes you trip balls for 72 hours straight. I would only ever take it in a legal doctor led clinic with access to emergency medical care.

Of course it should only be used in certain situations.

And im not talking about obesity from other factors.

I was only talking about the obese who are addicted to food as if it were heroin. What if they took it? Couldn’t hurt, they are dead already. If it sets people free from heroin then it could be used for the food addicts who are torturing themselves to death.