Ia it possible for invega to have 15 months withdrawals?

Is it? 2020202020202020

I think it’s unlikely

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I was on it for 5 years tho

Still sounds very unlikely.

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Why? People who were on antidepressants report years of withdrawals

It’s contested whether they actually are prolonged withdrawals when they last that long and I haven’t heard about anything similar with antipsychotics.

For me, antipsychotic withdrawals last about two weeks at most.

Pills yeah but i was on a depot

Well then your withdrawals might last a bit longer but after your dose is low enough it shouldn’t take longer than for pills, in theory.

What withdrawal symptoms are you having

I mean your remaining dose in your system. Your blood levels. Depots have a long half-life so it could take several months.

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Idk really. But from my personal experience, it takes a long long time for me to feel less intense symptoms when I lower the dose.

For example

I lowered my dose in 2020,january.

It took me up until autumn 2021 to feel a significant positive change.

I think it’s cos I know the med is said to have a half life of like a day or something.

But when medication is in our body for years,

I believe that there’s some changes in the actual brain.

That cause side effects

And these changes could take longer to reduce than the length of time that the medication is still left in the system.

This is my personal idea

Idk if it is correct

It may vary for people

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