I wrote a poem then rapped it---The Forest


The solemn gloom
in the forest
The autumn bloom
in the trees
The birds chirping, the beez buzzing
while im having a picnic, sipping on some tea
I like to walk through new found trails
pick some fungi just hope it isnt psychedelic because i dont want to go to jail
But I walk through a field
The flowers at high yield
I’m going on an adventure
to the center
of the jungle
and then I start to mumble
when i see the puma
below the Luna
Below the moon
and im eating it with some spoons
like ice cream
what a nice dream
I eat the moon with cherries on top
eat the moon with dairy by the drop
i feed off of you
because you opened my mind to some stuff new
when i heard the owl in the field
grabbin that mouse you know the deal
the circle of life
im takin my slice


I changed my flow a bit. I went over to my friends the other day and he uses a lot of pauses and goes very slow on these slow beats. I think that was my biggest issue was that I went faster than the beat usually. And then if it’s a fast beat I went too slow. But I think this flows very well. I’m happy about it :slight_smile:

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