I wrote a letter of complaint to a tobacco company, what should I expect?

Today I bought a pouch of tobacco at a grocery store and when I got home it was completely stale, dry and chipped. Taking a hit from a cigarette dries my throat instantly and tobacco pieces get into my mouth if I not make a rolling paper go around a filter tightly. Also it’s not the first time happening so I wrote to a supplier in my country about awful quality of product I received. I also mentioned that I left my recent at a checkout and said I didn’t want to argue with cashiers over there. So what can I expect? I don’t think I’ll get a refund, cause of lost receipt nor another free pouch(although a receipt I think could be reprinted at a till if I’m not mistaken). I also wrote in English language instead of my native Lithuanian and explained that to these certain type of letters I am more acquainted with English language than my native, is this alright?

I’ve written to companies about similar issues.

Usually like a couple months later you get a blanket letter apologizing and coupon for a free product.

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But would that apply to a product like tobacco? Also my country’s customers laws have not evolved fully to be even close to western countries

I’m not sure.

Just telling you my experiences.

I think they’ll probably send you a voucher for the cigarettes.

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We don’t have vouchers for cigarettes in my country lol. What I could expect is an apology and maybe stricter product control at that store.

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Also isn’t strange that j wrote it in English than in my native language? I am much more better expressing my thoughts in English than my native language.

Yeah you will most likely get some coupons :lobster::lobster::lobster:

I called Phillip Morris when I was 16 years old and complained that I bought a carton of stale cigarettes because I figured they’d comp me a free carton. And that’s what they did.

Edit: now I’m 37 and feel bad about it. Maybe I should write them a check. How much does a carton of ciggys cost now?

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