I wouldn't want to live forever

I couldn’t afford the rent.


lol, yes, this is true. I wouldn’t want to live forever because I am very tired and ache for that long rest that comes when we are done here. I have decided I’m coming back as a tree in my next life. I will stand in one place, hunker down for the winters and reach ever upward to the sun in the summer. And I will be wise, which is something I’m missing in this lifetime. Oh and people will love me, and have picnics under me and have the first kisses under me, and hook their hammocks to me, can’t beat that.


It’s almost poetical how you described your next life.I enjoyed reading it.


I want to live forever.

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I’d only want to live forever if I could be sure of different experiences as time passed…both good and bad. My mortal life is pretty boring so I enjoy the occasional new stuff that pops into my consciousness.

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