I wouldn't mind being hated

In fact, I was misbehaving in the hopes of someone getting angry at me and me just grinning at them. I did not trust love.


Rather be hated


Wow. That’s a good one, @196desperado

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I prefer not to be hated but I can’t be in charge of people’s feelings towards me.

Hate is just so hateful.

You’re like Meursault from The Stranger. When he was about to be executed he said he was looking forward to the jeers of hate he would receive. But I doubt you are a sociopath which I think he was.

I hated my ass which is a part of me.

I’m used to being hated it still hurts but I just expect it now

I’ve been told that I’m a race traitor before :joy: I’m more than happy to be hated by racists

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