I would not do this, news

Would you?

Accept sperm from a dead person

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Dont they pay for sperm donations in many countries how can there be a shortage of people willing to donate then

Have you seen those dodgy people on Facebook? There are people that ask for donations on Facebook to start a family. Theres guys too who do it as like a job, going around the country giving people their sperm.

There is a growing shortage of sperm donations due to strict regulations… Dunno what those are but yea that’s why


How does that work.

How can you fertilise yourself with a bit of sperm. Don’t you need a lab

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No, I think these people just use something like a baster. Its pretty messed up to be honest. I saw a program on TV about it and these strange men travel around like masturbating in peoples houses and giving them sperm.

Lol that is weirdo.

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