I would love to go on a holiday

I would love to go on a holiday to Greece with my son…only problem I’ve no money

maybe you can save up a little each month and then go. I forgot how old your son is

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my son is 10 now…im hoping to get lucky and win big money

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Yeah, Ive got big dreams too pedro. It keeps my hope up.

the most ive won is 2,500 on roulette in a matter of 40 minutes…ive been on loads of holidays to different countries…just not recently…I am doing 3 numbers in the bookies 24-7-4 them numbers are my sons date of birth… if I get them to come out in the euro millions I will win at least …15,000 euro…I am doing them 10 years

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Lottos, bookies, and casinos just take your money.
Better to save it in a bank as that is a sure win.

id rather gamble it…

Gambling can be an addiction as strong as alcohol or drugs. Please get help as your son deserves all the money you work so hard for that’s why children are barred from entering casinos.

Dreams are good. But a plan for saving up each month is better.

I am up profit from gambling…im very lucky…im a clever gambler…

Yes I’ve been delusional too.
Talk to your doctor about this please.

I met a guy who was the luckiest guy I have ever met. He went on a boat to Amsterdam. He won the fruit machine jackpot on the way out AND back in!

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When I went to Atlantic City in USA people jump out of the windows because they lose all their money. It’s in the paper and I saw the police.

I am gambling 10 years now…I enjoy it…it is a leisure to gamble…for me…I am up profit…

Silly me I should know better than to argue with people about their delusions.

…ive no symptoms since 2010…

Then why post here?

I enjoy posting here