I would like to call SCZ: Extramente (extra mind)

The word “extra” is the same in ancient Latin, and usually the phenomena are named after Latin or Greek vocabulary.

Extra - Mente means extra mind. Mente means mind in Latin.

Fundamentally I think that this definition explains the experience of scz to the scz better than the Ancient Greek, Skhizen Phren. The Greek name describes what is “abnormal” about it which implies a logical fallacy but also an impracticality about the conditional phenomenon.

Extramente does not imply an abnormality nor an impracticality/practicality. It simply describes the state of phenomenon as the scz experiences the depth of self.

Also I think that the name is not as “alienating” as the skhizen name. I know that as an scz I had to overcome the stigmatization of being scz or mentally ill. I stigmatized myself, and that was half of the fight as my “extramente” was already stigmatizing myself for being mentally ill. In a way this was like handing a club to my extramente to hit me with, so when I stopped stigmatizing, my extramente slowed down.

Also it’s a nicer name which perhaps makes it more difficult to stigmatize by the rest of people who are not “extramente.” :slight_smile:


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Nice try. I would like to hear your comment on “extra mind” if you don’t mind to elaborate more . I have another identity but not sure if that was “another mind”.

more nice nickname for schizophrenia, I dont like that name alsow, is not sexy

Well, imho our minds are disordered, as is reflected by symptoms like disorganized speech. Meaning we do not have extra minds, we have disordered minds.

Extra minds would be quite useful wouldn’t they?

For those of us who have the subjective experience of accessing different dimensions or minds as a result of sz, these experiences are always disorganized, disconnected, hazy and poorly defined dreamlike states. We can’t access that information and use it to function productively or creatively because it reflects disorganization of the mind, not a useful alteration.

But basically those experiences, often called positive symptoms, are not useful. They may be elaborate and seem emotionally important in the moment, but over time they produce very little if anything in the way of useful thought.

For those of us who suffer thought disorders such as perseveration and poverty of thought, our thinking is anything but extra. Such people would find it difficult or impossible to think of different words and concepts, this sort of repetitive speech reflects a condition where there are few thoughts inside the mind. Or perhaps there are many thoughts, but those thoughts are inaccessible.

So for those skewed toward negative symptoms, which indicate a lack of normal thought processes and emotional experiences by definition, functions of the mind and brain, our disorder is not reflected by this word.

Same for positive symptoms as I’ve explained above.

I often thought that part of my mind had a mind of it’s own separate of my conscious ability to control or perhaps more than one. Or at least my imagination has been amazing but terrible at the same time.

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Okay, I’m going to be as raw and black and white as I can be. Please don’t take offense or be “sickened.” Hehe…if that is the case for you…

…or anyone else.

When the ace logicians, philosophers, scientists, “mechanics” think about brains, the first fact about them is that…

…they are two handfuls of mush similar to what you can get at a butcher shop.

They think of this because this cannot be proven otherwise, and any brain surgeon, soldier, police officer, or hunter can describe them beyond a reason of a doubt for having this characteristic.

And you have one. That’s kind of neat. It is an organ like any other organ for the most part, but it facilitates a function unlike any other organ. The brain is “information technology.” In other words it is a bio organic system for processing and recording information.

Computer scientists can describe that beyond a reason of a doubt that that is what they are being, and that is what everyone else is being in their brains too.


…in those terms of hard logic I’ve described when you are one identity or another within your brain. This is an informational state of mind.

The real question is, “Can you be both identities at the same time?”

An actor whether amateur on the street in common life or a paid professional can “switch identities” at the drop of a hat. I’ve done this since I was a kid, but the problem with it is that serious people that you may need to develop a serious life will have doubts about that kind of behavior. It’s a questionable practice, so I limit “acting out of character” as much as possible.

The extramente that I’m talking about is that there is two or more identities going at the same time. The self appears to be in the same place as always, but the “voices” in all of their forms appear to be separate outside of the person’s own self. It appears that…

…there in that brain mush there are more than one mind.

When an scz is going out of the mind like they do before going to the hospital, they are experiencing extramente. In as few words as possible, “there are two or more minds in that brain.” It’s like mental siamese twins fighting over domain.

Keep in mind that the human brain is very territorial and “socio-effective” meaning that they respond strongly to “social cues.” So when you have two or more minds in the same brain, they often may fight.

It is not necessarily the case that the extramente condition is negative. If the two or more minds are symbiotic, they can be assets to each other, and no one would ever know that they were “extramente.” The problem with this that you’d have to do a lot of anonymous research online before you tracked down this condition as being more than a theory about “normal psychology.” No successful person with a state of mind such as “extramente” will admit it face to face because of the social implications. It’s just automatic that people defend their reputation and control what people can and can’t think about them. People are most defensive about their minds because it is “a social weak point that people can figure out, and use against them.”

I hope that helps. If you have any more questions, ask away. I don’t mind at all. :slight_smile:

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If they were symbotic, yes, but if they are against each other, no.

In my experience with extramente I often feel as though the antagonist mind is faster than the protagonist mind that I consider my responsible self. I have theorized that if certain parts of the brain were faster than others, it is not impossible that they become their own minds for the most part.

For example if you have two handfuls of your brains, and I have two handfuls of my brains, and these handfuls of mush become their own minds, that is typical, and no one questions that. But if I have two handfuls, and you have two handfuls, but each one of your handfuls becomes their own minds, then we are taken back for a minute until we understand that it is not necessary to be two handfuls of brain mush in order to develop a mind. In fact it must be possible that one handful is all that is necessary to develop an autonomic mind.

And, yes, the patient that is hospitalized as often our kind here are is suffering from an extra autonomic mind that has gone rogue and is attacking them in an array of different ways mentally. Ask any one of them, and they will explain this, and more than likely they’ll say they believe in some kind of supernatural property that is connected to others or other beings etc that insert those “extramente” apparitions in their minds and even control their minds remotely. Of course that is a false explanation of the phenomenon.

If they complain of it, and they cannot stop doing it, it is “not of other than mind,” and beings that it is “of mind,” but it is “mind conflicting with mind,” then it is “beyond one’s self identity” in regards to “one’s mind,” therefore is of mind, and it is “mind” that is “extra” or “external” or “beyond” or “outside” of the “auto sense of self mind.” Thus it is extramente. I will call it this the rest of my life, and explain my condition as such.

Extramente describes these “seemingly telepathic or supernatural” mental renditions that we classify as positive symptoms similarly to how the Greek Schizen Phren attempts to describe them.

The way that you are describing the condition is the general condition of psychology as a phenomenon. Most of its qualia are not useful, so describing this is a very general and broad spanning statement not narrow enough to describe to someone that is on the fence about having supernatural experiences or “mental retardation” or to describe to someone about the people with this situation what exactly it is. I think that schizophrenia does a poor job of this describing phenomenon differently than extramente in that it describes these positive symptoms as two selves unrelated whereas extramente describes the positive symptom of there “being external telepathic or supernatural” reality external the self. The reason why is because the “voices” which are positive symptoms seem to have their own “personalities” that are fully developed, so they deduce that there is an external phenomenon going on.

The only phenomenon going on is a mind, and when a mind experiences itself as another mind, it is experiencing extramente or “external mind” or “extra mind.”

I think that your descriptions do a good job of describing a “unified mind theory” which is disorganized, thus it appears to the experiencer that it is “extramente,” but this does touch the exact qualities about it that are important to address as being characteristic about it. To a non-nonchalant doctor I think that your description works, but to someone who is spooked out by the world and on the fence about this being some kind of supernatural reality stuff my nomenclature is suited to “bringing them back to earth.”

So that is why I will use that name.



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I know other scz’s who believe they have supernatural gifts or something like that. When I am looking at my friends, your description is exactly what I see. They have no concept, so I have made this word to use in order to eliminate the stigma behind the old word, and to narrow down their focus to what exactly they (their brains) look like from an outside perspective.

I believe that if an scz or “em” can understand exactly what other people think like especially when it comes to the real way they are perceived and not the false way their positive symptoms have told them the appear to everyone, then that if half of the battle. This kind of knowledge is powerful in my own experience while trying to relearn what the rest of the world was thinking like all along while I was on a completely other plain.

Everyone already said it. Hehe :slight_smile:



Additional Note:

I have a theory with some evidence both inductive and deductive…

…that the “extramente” should not be considered simply a description of sick people.

In fact what normal people experience as “extramente” is their sense of what is going on socially around them. It’s their sense of what others are like, and their ability to quickly calculate and hone in on just what other people are most likely to do, say, look, or feel.

Where the mentally ill are of the mind that they have literally had inter mind communication that gives away what tohers are thinking or going to do, the normal people simple use their “sense of extramente” as a predictor.

Normal people are only of the mindset that they are betting on what others are thinking or going to do or say.

So there “extramente” is one form of it while ours is another form of it, and this I need to study closer, and come up with the appropriate nomenclature to distinguish the two apart.

This coincides with my assumption about this being a “socially learned situation” that the brain is acting out according to the rules it has understood. The normal extramente of normal people’s minds is developed based on the social rules that they inherited with people, and the abnormal extramente is what the sick had learned.

This may be a case of the same mental faculties being shaped and deducing differently but for the same purposes which I would describe as “reading the social experiences of the room.” In other words it is “to read minds,” but make sure that you note that it is not “supernatural mind reading” at all whatsoever. There is no “telepathic organ.” There is statistical odds and quality memory thus quality deductive rationality which is a skill set all its own. Someone that can read cards has a good memory, and they can deduce what cards are still in the deck, and what are the statistical odds that they are going to come up, thus they may seem psychic, but they are simply expert logicians.

And so their extramente is working outside of there volitional working mind perhaps. It tells them what is left in the deck. It tells them what are the odds etc not like another person necessarily.

In our case our extramente may tell us things as though it was from another person or being etc, so if we have certain beliefs about our brains, minds, each other, and the rest of reality, we may wind up calling this “extramente” a supernatural experience which we then go on to live life in the wake of, thus we are hard wiring a fallacious “extramente” into our brain. The result is that we live in a "fake perspective of self and reality.

Learners of talents such as speaking, reading, math, science, musicianship, sports, working, business trading, and so on as young people may develop “forms of extramente” accordingly. It is an “extra non-volitional mind” per se that feeds them.

I know. I have developed talents that have done this form me in different forms of sensations, and I could rely on them to be accurate.

My theory is that the abnormal extramente we have is something that is working correctly according to the information that the brain was fed originally, but because the information was all fallacious logic, it is a broken extramente of sorts. This subsequently damages much of the working processes of the rest of the mind similar to how one broken part in a car can lead to many other failures that have to be repaired.

Long ago I had figured out that my mind was not the way it had become before, and that if it could become that way, then I could make it become other ways. I become very diligent about the next 10 years of my life living, eating, breathing self development.

My intention was to develop “other forms of extramente,” so that I could have a normal life on this earth with my opportunity to be here in such modern times rather than miss out on these times, and forgo it all to a miserable, long, drawn out sentence of sorts. I was not disappointed with my results for my efforts. I proved that I was right about developing other forms of extramente although that is not what I called it then.

So this additional note…

…is mostly in regard to the normal and abnormal sense of social atmosphere in regards to “forms of extramente.”

Additional notes:

I have always noticed that when people are not socially on my side, my positive symptoms emulate that motif. When I am doing well socially, the same is true accordingly.

I’ve also noticed that whenever I have an success or excess, the symptoms emulate accordingly as well as they do when I have any failings.

As a last note I should say that if I do not know what is going on inside of me or anyone else it really doesn’t matter all that much what the external situation is in regards to “control of my positive symptoms.” In either case it is going to be a case of the crazies, however it is a different kind of case of the crazies whereas if I am on bad terms, the motif of the crazies is belligerent and depressive, and if I am on good terms, then the motif is uplifting and creative. It’s odd either way, but from a completely practical standpoint as far as output performance goes from myself in a practical livelihood obviously on good terms is a booster compared to the net negative of being on bad terms.

…and that is just about the shape of it. :slight_smile:

I also have something of this feeling too, as if I am like a deep black lake in which things live and float from time to time into consciousness

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