I would just sterilize everyone

I really would if i could, i would sterilize every last human being and animal.

Im just not a huge fan of suffering and death thats all.

No one should ever be forced to do this.

What an awful thing this is.


My understanding is that people (and animals) wait in the Heaven worlds, and when the opportunity to birth opens up, there is competition for the spot. Our memories of that time are dim, it seems.

I would rather destroy the whole planet. There is some chance bacteria will evolve to multicellural life again and that would suck. Practically I don’t think sterilization will be very feasible, much easier to just blow everything up.

Humans have such and overrated opinion on the quality of their life and even more so the quality of wild animal lives. It’s brutal out there. The satisfied moments for a wild animal are very rare, most of the time they’re really paranoid and scared and some of the time in complete agony. Most people don’t see that they’re a function of a DNA molecule, obviously nature is going to create organisms that see purpose in this stupid chase game.

I wouldn’t feel so dismal if I thought the human race would have several centuries of civilization to go, because the truth would win in the end if we would have enough time, the god delusion is already dying, slowly but surely. There have been several books written on antinatalism and recently the idea appeared on a popular HBO show. The TV show was’t dedicated to antinatalism obviously but it was pretty cool hearing Matthew McConaughey, a hollywood superstar, say that the human race should go extinct voluntarily, be it in a TV show(True Detective) where he was an ex drug addict. The problem is that there are so many catastrophes waiting to happen and no-ones preparing for them, ignorant people are even having kids in this environment. It would be a shame to have humans go extinct without us freeing animals from the slavery to a molecule. Intelligence in the universe would be lost, it’s the only thing that could stop this hell, but that’s probably what’s going to happen.

I know it is.

Almost none will survive, they knew that thousands of years ago. It was bound to happen.

I personally think people should apply for a licence when they want to have kids. Give them the snip at birth and then let them apply for parental status.


What if we were only God’s delusion?
What if we were only being used to reproduce for aliens who lost the ability on their own planet? Kind of a holding farm until they find another more sustainable planet?

What if the truth is that Bugs Bunny farted the universe? Just because you can’t disprove something doesn’t mean it’s a valid theory. The onus is on the people coming up with a theory to prove it.

What if?

Reality needs no proof, it just is. Theories are just that-thoughts.
This is the delusions section on Schizophrenia .com, not a scientific publication.

Really, there is no limit to thinking…for some.