I worry about palmistry

Just looked at it again. Apparently i’m going through a golden period and will be successful, but at some point i will have another relationship, but it won’t be as important as this one. I really did not want to know that. I would rather think that my marriage will last forever.
I am scared he will die, that i will push him away, that he will become boring to me…

I just feel like looking at that has taken some of the shine off

thats not good, i think this palmistry business is a lot of codswallop and i think you should just try and forget about it,

i had my palm read by a palmist and she told me a lot of rubbish, i have scars all over my hands and she was trying to tell me that it had some sort of significant meaning which is rubbish bc if i hadnt fallen on that glass by accident she wouldn’t be talking about it and probably talking about some other crap.

just keep doing what you are doing and dont let her spoil it x

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palm reading is crap…just like telepathy and other fortune telling nonsense. don’t buy into it. just ;ive ur life and enjoy it. xxx

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I have two life lines. Lol what does that mean?

Maybe it is not another relationship. Maybe you will renew your wedding vows?

A person’s entire life can already be known as soon as they are born and even before, every last little bit, every little thing, even thoughts and feelings.

Perhaps certain things can be known by palms.

I went to a woman once at a behavioural center, she asked to look at my palms, i showed her not knowing why but who cared really, she took one look and slowly looked up at me horrified and began to insist with vigor that i need to do something like not take drugs.

It was freaking really wierd. Had she seen something i could have told her, “why the advice? can you change my palm? i’ve had these palms for awhile now, why the advice? can’t change it.”

An actual palm reader could never make money either, she’d say repeatedly to people “you’ll be alone mostly, and poor, and it will be very hard for a long time. But mostly it will just be alot of unfulfilling labor for next to nothing in return. Your relationships will also be bad.”

There, i just read most people’s palms for free.

Palm reading is pretty subjective and open to interpretation if you really want to believe in it. Sometimes when things like that state another relationship, it could in fact, mean a rejuvenation or change in the current relationship so that it looks different.