I worked today -- excellent day

Part time, temp, and probably minimum wage job today and tomorrow picking up stuff, cleaning, and learning stuff. Basically basic tools and construction. Step-dad was helping me make some extra change and teaching me stuff. He’s doing good things for me. I think our relationship has improved over the years and I have a more positive view of him. I think I respect and care about him for sure.

It’s probably only going to be a few times total – of me working. But today I left at 9AM and came home at 6PM. I was only working a fraction of that – most of it was traffic and commuting, but I feel more upbeat and positive. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to school but maybe I can get a job in construction as a laborer some day. My sister was making 40 bucks an hour doing that + had benefits full time as a female construction laborer…

It was a volunteering thing – helping out my step-dad. I felt like I was sweating and getting exercise and my head felt clear and I smoked less and wasn’t bored and was drinking less monster drinks. I felt like I didn’t need them as my head was focused on work. I didn’t really take a break, but we worked like 4-5 hours tops today. That could be 40-50 bucks at least for me. Not rich, but hey, could buy me some smokes and give me more self esteem and confidence in life. I also noticed interacting with others has a AP like effect and starves off the dementia like psychosis I have – the cognitive decline and negative symptoms.



I think it sounds good. It may help your mind to think clearly because you’re using it to learn and problem solve. I’m glad you enjoyed the work you did. That’s huge! Good luck in the future on working. :slight_smile:

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Its a good idea if it doesn’t stress you. I used to work full time a low stress office job for 9 months while I was on Latuda. I wasn’t happy though, I had some catatonia, akathisia, nausea from the pill, and positive symptoms like paranoia, delusions etc also irritability. Because of these I prefer Risperdal and not working.

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Sounds like a great experience. Hopefully you can repeat it some time.

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Well done. I love work but I do it on my terms by volunteering. It’s not rocket science but there’s an art to all work and if you appreciate that you’ll do well.

Keep on keeping on and well done for trying.

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