I worked on this algebraic formula for years

And finally proved it true. I go to doctors a LOT.
And now I know that, “The beauty and sexiness of the attending female nurse, doctor or intern is directly proportional to the degree of how embarrassing and invasive the the procedure is,” it never fails.

I mean who wants to lay naked face down on a table while a pretty blonde looks at your ass? Any time I see my urologist, it is inevitable that the nurse will be attractive. Any time I go to a doctor and they stick a tube or a camera into some orifice of mine, I know that the woman doctor will be drop dead gorgeous.

I just got back from having a scan of my nether regions. The attending nurse was this 28 year old cute intern. I had to have my bottom half buck naked as she grabbed my testicles for twenty minutes while taking pictures (and as a paranoid sidenote, I hope hope she doesn’t post the pictures on the internet, lol.). But yeah, I have some other awkward procedures I need done in the upcoming few weeks and I have no doubts the nurses will be stunning.
Hey, it’s simple algebra. You, can’t argue with math.


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