I worked a saturday, so I treated myself :-)


My mother says I am too old to be buying a subwoofer for my van, but I say nuts to that.

I love music, and I want more low end, as my sound system in my van is not that great.

There is nothing wrong in my opinion with wanting to have a decent stereo when you’re driving.


Yeah go for it. Music is necessary for me driving through traffic. I think it’s a worthwhile investment if your spending time in a van. Good brand and bit of kit too!

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Totally agree @rogueone

I use the van a lot. Traffic is a nightmare here too, and I like to listen to music loud in my vehicle as I live in a flat and have to use headphones there for decent range.

I thought it was good also. It was £50 cheaper on this website than the local car audio place, and I can fit it myself.

Being an underseat unit is handy as I have a space there, and the grill over the speaker will protect it from tools (I hope!)


Hell yeah. You work hard; you deserve to treat yourself to a little something.


That’s a great treat for yourself :slight_smile:

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So…what I’m gathering is you put it under your seat and it gives extra boom on the butt?

Sounds fun!

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Hahaha! Yes basically!

It will be under the seat next to me I think


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