I wonder what my life would be like, if I didn't suffer a lick

I completely forgot, what it is like to have a normal life. I used to have a normal life when I was a kid.


I never had a normal life. Right now my life is the most normal it’s ever been

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I haven’t had a “normal” life in ages either. But what ya gonna do?

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I had everything before sz for the short time of my adult life before sz hit at 22y.o. Part time work, full time university, gf, lots of friends, daily gym, healthy bmi 140-145lb, money, etc Only missing was my own house and marriage. Sz hit before I achieve these. Maybe it was for the better as my gf left me due to my sz anyways. Good thing that refused her wish of having kids as now I cant even take care of myself.


Also I wouldn’t have money for a kid. She would have probably taken my kid and then I have to pay her until the kid is 18y.o. My brothers told me I was lucky that I didnt have a kid. They told me no kids until I buy my own house etc


I tried that 3 times within about an 8 month time frame.

The nature of the Illness does not change.

You can try tho. Maybe it’ll work for you. I always came back to sz…

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