I wonder what country has the most suffering


The biggest killer of the native population in America was disease caught from foreigners which the people here had no immunity or cure for. But everybody already knows this. The Manifest Destiny policy doomed the majority of the rest.


I agree @Sarad.
Definitely Syria.


I have a friend who is in a aboriginal studies course in uni, she showed me these old letters in her textbook about the colonialists that wrote casually to their families and each other about giving the natives smallpox blankets to wipe them out.


My favourite answer begins with this one in:


"1. The Holocaust was distinct from most other genocides in being done by a highly mechanized industrial society in a short time.

Genocide vs American Indians was stop and start, genocide in stages, mostly done by biological warfare and starvation, over 400 years. Some US presidents took enthusiastic part, esp, Jackson. In California, the genocide there was done by white American miner militias and the state gov’t.

  1. The Holocaust killed 12 million, 6 million Jews and 6 million others, Romany, Poles, gays, Jehovah’s Witnesses, communists, socialists, labor unions, the handicapped, and criminals.

Genocide vs Natives killed at least 75 million, some estimates as high as 112 million, in all the Americas. In what became the US, the population dropped from 12 to 18 million in 1492 to 250,000 in 1900.

  1. The most important difference is how it is taught. Germany teaches extensively about the Holocaust in public schools. No one would dare deny the Holocaust without rightfully being called a nut, ignorant, or a bigot.

Genocide denial is extremely common in the US…"

It claims that Americans are taught that it was disease, to soften their guilt and culpability.

75 million to 12 million is no comparison.


The British Empire is responsible for countless atrocities, in addition to supplying the US with immigrants that deliberately spread disease. So really the British are responsible for most of the world’s ills.

King Leopold of Belgium was also an evil ■■■■■■■ slaughtering millions of Africa,but no one hears about that either.


I think countries which have most muslim extremists cause although I’m in love with Islam and it’s the religion which produces mans like Rumi and hafiz its a religion that is very potential to be missunderstood and when it is misunderstood it produces really dangerous human like Isis that can ruin all of humanity,


I saw on fb some porn site is scrabbling their ip to get around the net neutrality reversal if it happens. Thats funny and sad… in 2 ways…


I guess that’s possible for just about every website as long as they pay for the extra internet speed (which they already do). Just the people with slower internet will not be able to get it. Like in 2005.


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