I wonder if

…I need so many meds. I’m doing very well and learning minimalism, sustainability and reading non fiction and writing again. I wonder if the pdoc will agree to try wean me off one or two. I’m taking 5. 5!!


Are you doing good lately? If so don’t change your meds as you had serious issues before.

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I agree. Taking a lot of meds can come and bite you at some point, but it’s a fine line between staying stable and not taking more meds than needed. I hope your pdoc can help you work out if there are possibilities.

Yes I’ve been doing excellent lately

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We’ve seen you when you are not stable and it isn’t pretty. Strongly suggest not tampering with the meds as they’re how you got to the good place.


If you’ve found a winning combination, then don’t change it.


Don’t mess with your meds @Hadeda
Especially when you are doing great

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if they are working like you say then maybe try them out for a little while before taking the chance of relapse

ALways discuss with your clinician, and comply with any changes made to your meds. You will be harshly treated if you are not fully and totally compliant with your directions. But as an Australian who reads a great deal on US schizophrenia and voices websites, I would add that Americans are heavily medicated, much more than those in the UK or Australia. I wonder if this is somehow related to the role of insurance in the treatment procedures. If I was from the US, I would check my assertion, and if you agree with me, then talk to your doctor about minimising, absolutely minimising, the protocols of pharmacology consumption.

I’m on three psychiatric medicines and two for other stuff.