I wonder if this is okay to think

I sometimes want to write a will saying that my death is caused by the inconsideration of others.

I’m not sure if I’ll live long…the reason why I say that is because of my physical disability.

I want people to feel angry that I’ve died. I want the society to feel responsible for my death.

For not choosing kindness. For rejecting me because of my disability.

I want people to feel responsible that I’ve died. I don’t want my close ones to feel this way, but I want people, everyone who is able-bodied, to feel responsible that I’ve died without love.


Really its all in your head, you control your emotions about others and blaming others just makes you worse. Fight for yourself as no one can help you more than yourself. I already said it but you can ask your pdr for lithium for your severe depression and ECT if that doesn’t work. But its your choice to improve or not, Drs and ppl won’t hold your hand and guide you, you need to guide yourself.


You are completely lovable………

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Honestly, I have told you before that only you can put yourself down. Other people cannot lift you up and they cannot put you down, only you can do that. There are people who are in a similar boat to you being paralyzed from the waist down or neck down. There are people born without any hands and feet but they still fight on.

I read that you are in Korea, but you were in Canada before. Asian countries are by far more discriminating towards disabled people. Canada is such a nice accommodating place, perhaps you should consider coming back.

You dying is only going to cause you dying. None of this suicidal feelings or acts will make people feel responsible for your death. At the most, your family will feel sad for a while and move on. It won’t achieve anything.


Your family loves you…so therefore others can love you.

Thank you Loke…….

For what? What did I do?

For giving me a heart…lol lol lol

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Oh. Ok :+1:

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you think like that(based on the title of your thread). You are just a person, I think thoughts like that as well. I know it might be more difficult for you but I still believe in what I just said.

I’m truly sorry to hear that you are having a rough transition at this period of time right now. But your suicidal ideations will pass if you let it. The rage you feel right now it’s temporary, and acting upon it would not solve anything.

I was thinking about suicide in the past quite a lot. I wrote pages upon pages romanticizing about it. But at the end I fought and I won.

While I cannot put myself in your situation, to know and understand what it feels like to be physically disabled. But people do overcome adversities and they thank themselves that they did. Because it has made them stronger at the end.

Truly, stay safe out there.


Even if you feel like no one is loving you can instead start loving others. Think of others problems, think of how you can help others etc.

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I just want people to feel responsible for my upcoming death, not sure when I’m going to die though. I’m never going to be loved.

I love you. You are valuable.

Thanks, but you barely know me. I appreciate that but you’ll never love a person as broken as me.

See this video you’ll feel better.

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