I Wonder If Someone Could Do This

(A Man walks into an insurance office in Florida today)
Man: I heard you guys are the fastest processors of home coverage in the state.
Agent: We confirm your claim in 24-48 hours.
Man: Good because I’d like to get full homeowner’s insurance as soon as possible.
Agent: So what brought you here.
Man: Dorian referred me.
Agent: OK fill out these forms and sign these. The fee will be extra for the 24-48 hour processing but time is money.
Man: Yeah it is man and it’s well worth it too.
Agent: How can I reach you?
Man: You can reach me by cell. I’ll be in another state but I’ll be glad to hear from you. Are we done?
Agent: Yes but why are you in such a hurry.
Man: Dorian can’t wait forever.

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Interesting … Wonder if you could. Last minute hurricane insurance.

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