I wonder if it's like this for neurotypicals... my ponder

I’m a little envious of my kid sis…

She fell asleep on the sofa and seems able to sleep peacefully anywhere.

I always picture the thoughts in her mind as being on a conveyer belt…
they drop… form into a though… and get carried out away from the brain… out into the ether of existence and away… never to return and bother.

My thoughts are on a wheel. They form and end up in bottles on display… suspended in liquid so they don’t fade away…

Just when they are out of sight… they still aren’t out of mind…
Because being on a wheel means just as I get over a thought… it comes around again.
and again
and again.

I wonder if that’s the difference… the neruotypicals in my life can think something once and let it go away…

I think something once… and it comes around again…

Maybe that’s why I never seem to learn… it’s always circular…


As a neurotypical :wink: My thoughts are very circular. I think until something is completely resolved or worked out in our own heads then it will keep coming back. Sometimes I have to almost talk to myself out loud to get the thoughts to stop running on a loop, over and over…

Part of your sisters ability to sleep anywhere could be age related. I think both of my kids are like that. One diagnosed and one not.


I’m around a lot of NTs trying to solve problems at work and that’s when you can really see a contrast in thinking styles. There’s a spectrum ranging from rigidly linear thinkers to very nonlinear thinkers like myself. Yes I think there’s a broad NT spectrum even broader than the sz bp and autistic spectrums.

Each style has its merits. If you are nonlinear or circular you are usually more creative and see all sides of a problem, but have trouble making decisions because there are so many possibilities. Linear thinkers are great at making plans when everything is known ahead of time, but fall down badly when there is uncertainty.

There’s no best place to be, and that’s why things are solved with teams nowadays. The challenge for non NTs is trying to fit in with a group, because their natural tendency is to go it alone so they don’t have to deal with the social aspects of teamwork.

I used to constantly wonder where my disease ended and my personality began, something NTs probably don’t think about. But I do know many NTs doubt themselves and their thoughts and emotions all the time.

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Yeah I think this is a topic that should be explored.

The basic paradigm for forming a mind is to just cram the info in there and memorize it. We can do better.

I try not repeat myself immediately, but with my symptoms I get stuck in a loop. It’s the same situation over and over again. I really hate it, but I have no idea how my mind would be working if I never got sick. I was probably schizo even before I had psychotic symptoms.

Gotta break the loops, in extreme cases it becomes obsessive think almost ocd in the mind.

Eliminating judgement and finding peace and acceptance of yourself in the world will make the quiet easier.

Keep reading and doing. An empty brain is no good. Rest is important but an empty brain, while it might be comfortable, gets dull. You will naturally try and find things to think about. Watch what you put in there, keep it balanced.

Part of my problem with looping is that I don’t have much going on in my life. Leaving my nearly empty and disconnected brain to just fall back on the psychotic situation I’m in.

I don’t know, that’s my two cents. Really a lot for should be done to explore this.

I kind of think people partially identify themselves with the thoughts they have, like they are in essence yourself. When the brain is haywire even in NTs and thoughts aren’t what they should be I think it can lead to self loathing and depression. This can be avoided if you realize that you are the perceiver and controller of thoughts and thoughts aren’t meant to define you. They are only their to help you socialize and understand the world. You can change your thoughts through psychology.

This is ■■■■ everyone should know.

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Sometimes if I have a pleasant day dream or fantasy I want to hold on to it. I want it to come back.

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This is very insightful. I think that my thoughts are rather circular, at least my achizophrenic delusions are. I agree. I find that my reason is linear, however. I am somehow able to think logically and critically like neurotypicals in my field of study.

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