I wonder if I can use that?

It’s a tough world and people use all they got to win. I never win. Well, sometimes I do. After my hospitalization two years ago, (wow, that time went by in a blink of an eye. Seriously). After my hospitalization I went into a Residential Treatment Home. Basically a group home but fancier and they are staffed and aggressively try to help you.

Funny enough I was in this place 18 years ago in 1990 and its actually where I began my recovery from crack and I got clean and sober there. But it’s really for psychiatric patients.

Anyways the home is what is called a temporary crisis home or transition home. It’s kind of a place where you stay for a short while either as like in my case, I just got out of the hospital, until I found housing AND it is also used for an alternative for people to stay out of the hospital. While I was there I was so bad off that many times I could not be physically around people. I don’t know if anyone else has experienced this (I think so).

We had good food and everybody was supposed to eat together but I was there for two weeks and ate out back at the smokers table. Other people ate out there sometimes but my “vibe” usually made people get up and leave or feel really uncomfortable if they stayed. But no one said anything (except maybe behind my back and they were screwed up too so that’s why they tolerated it.). Now two years later, do you think I could use this in everyday life to either survive or win? I want your thoughts on this. Be creative. Maybe it meant nothing and I should just forget about it.

I’m confused. Use what ?

Well it could humble you. It’s always good to be humble.

I’ve thought, well if people can’t stand to be within a block’s radius of me, I can evacuate a building in no time. THat was when I was really bad. It’s still a thing seemingly, but less now than before. You alright, @77nick77 ?

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Yeah, lol, I’m OK. Just trying to get advantage every way I can.

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