I won’t be moving to Norway after all

My dad said we might move to Norway but we’re not moving there after all. He’s going to retire in the city he’s in now then I’ll get his house when he dies so I’ll keep living here too and will retire here in Minnesota. I like my city. It’s small with not much to do but it has everything I’ll ever need. My mental health team is right down the street from our house and I live two blocks from the Co-op were I shop every day.
I think it will be a good life for us.


It sounds like you and your dad have a very nice living situation where you’re at now.


Your small town sounds like my small town. I can literally walk to the movie theater, my therapist, the grocery store, and the library.

I’ve tried the semi large city living and didn’t really care for it.



we heard norway is beautiful
you 'll be happier
who know
keep in yourplace if you ll feel good it is the most important

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My dad decided to retire here.

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