I won a scholarship!


I just recently found out that I won a $1,000 scholarship for mature women students at West Chester University. The maximum they will give you is $3,500, so I didn’t win big like I would have liked to have, but I’ll take what I can get. This will definitely ease my financial burdens. I can reapply for it next year, and hopefully win bigger!


That’s neat!..


Congratulations. Good for you. I actually got $1100.00 a year ago for school. It was a one-time grant that I didn’t have to pay back and I could actually spend it on whatever I wanted.


Congrats! Yes, that will ease financial burdens considerably…


Congratulations. :apple:


Congrats Caroline! :thumbsup:


:tada: Very cool. Congratulations Caroline. You worked hard for that.


well done you deserve it, dark sith bows before the wise , smart and beautiful CarolineC.
take care


You did it once again, Caroline - Congratulations!



Thank you all for the warm congratulations. I appreciate it.