I won a place in a contest for my picture of visual hallucinations

Back in August, I saw an ad for a photography contest for depictions of mental illness. I quickly entered thinking nothing of it. I did a quick face paint job and posed with a painting of mine. Fast forward to October. I got an email about it, and I won a place in the contest! They will be sending me a photograph editing software for my prize. It was just great to represent how I feel about what I go through. It was also on display in Australia for a week in October. Here is the photo in question:


That’s awesome!!! I love it!!! Great job!!!

Holy heck that’s amazing!

Wow! Well done !

It’s captivating. Good job!

Very creative, engaging and brave. Congratulations!

I love it! Congratulations. Well deserved.

Very cool and well done to you.

Nice job! congrats!

Thanks so much everyone for your kind words!

Gorgeous photo!
Place deserved!

Congratulations!!! Your a celebrity!!

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