I woke up in the middle of the night with psychotic anxiety

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night for no reason. I dressed myself, and then I was flooded with anxiety. I couldn’t even recognize my apartement even though I knew where things were (a phenomenon called “jamais vue”) .

My body had no boundaries, I was so anxious I thought about jumping out the window (I live on 2 floor so I wouldn’t die but just to stop the anxiety).

I called the psychiatric emergency, they were stupid, cold, detached, but it helped to talk with a stranger even though he was a detached moron.

I popped two benzodiazepines and later I finally felt normal and could recognize my apartment again .

Im posting this, because if it happens again, i will prefer reaching out for you instead of calling the stupid, cold psychiatric emergency


Woa. That sounds serious.

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It was terrible. I think it was because my sister that evening told me that my 16 years old nephew told her that he had been sexually abused twice. I care very much about my nephew, he has mental problems i can relate to.

I … hate pedophiles

If i post tonight, just tell me it’s passing. Every sensation pass, even psychotic anxiety.


Man I’m sorry @bluebutterfly
Sounds very intense

Thanks @Wave - i’m going through changes and feel vulnerable at the moment

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I’m sorry that sounds very intense and I’m sorry with your experience calling them. Did you call the crisis line ?

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Yes, i called the crisis line. In denmark its the psychiatric emergency ward, but they are no good. It was 2 o clock in the night so i couldn’t call friends or family

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I’m so sorry @bluebutterfly . What terrible news. No wonder you can’t sleep. Take time to grieve the loss of innocence for your nephew. It’ll help if you allow yourself to process through it.

Thank you dear @ZmaGal it means a lot. I slept well tonight, no psychotic anxiety. The worst thing is they live in another country so i can’t support them IRL

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I’m glad you got some rest. Can you call them once a day to support them through this?

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Yes, and they are coming to Denmark soon. I will send my sister a gift. My nephew is very silent about it, so he will be angry if he knew, that I know, so I better wait to pamper him until I see him IRL.

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This sounds like dissociation.

That seems to be derealisation.

And that seems to be depersonalisation.


Yes, true…

Dp. DR and dissociation often go hand in hand (and I have them all) . “Jamai vue” is an extreme version of dissociation, so are DR and DP.

Its more typical for us schizotypals compared to normal SZ patients.