I wish you still had to buy cd's or listen to the radio to hear music :|

As much as I enjoy the convienance of the internet and music…I kind of envy people who were 20 years old in the 90’s…I miss Sam Goody’s. I remember the days you had to buy full CDs and then you really got into the CD because you paid $15 for 15 songs…so you might as well study that album to get your whole moneys worth. Now you can listen to 1 song from an album here, 1 song from an album there, and so on. Plus musicians put more effort into their “entire album’s” back then, rather than just their singles because of this…


I like the older days when there was used record stores and used book stores sometimes combined with stuff piled up to the rafters, could spend days in there


I still buy CDs because the sound quality is notably better than mp3s. I appreciate vinyl is even better.

In terms of streaming I subscribe to tidal cause it is cd quality. A lot better sound than Spotify.

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I should buy some old school hip-hop CD’s.


reading this book and I only read 4 pages but it said “Rappers who are successful are students of the game. They’ve listened to decades of hip-hop”. I’ve listened to most of the 90’s popular stuff but there’s still more out there I haven’t listened to! Especially with my “new” mindstates where I understand music better than I used to.

krs-one said something like “I’m grandmaster flash, kool moe dee, etc… except my own style…everyone who came before me is me, but i just adopted my own style from it”

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I listen to iheart or spotify .they can sometimes play good music. when I was really little my favorite country songs were achy breaky heart and blame it on your heart and my dad one day listened to the radio all day for me and recorded the songs over and over again on cassette tapes. and I should add my dad hates country music

There is a cool podcast called hip hop saved my life (at least I think it is called that). Is a podcast for hip hop lovers. They talk about mainstream and more obscure acts. I found quite a lot of new hip hop from listening to it.

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Spotify and me go together like sugar and tea. I grew up in the vinyl age and wish I had the collection I had when I was married…we had a wall of vinyl! but now all I can afford is spotify and when a new album comes out I just put it in my library…I guess I’m trying to say spotify is good for the poor who can’t afford CD’s and vinyl.


Lupe Fiasco made a song called “Hip-Hop Saved my life” so maybe it was inspired by that. I’ll probably check it out.

I heard a motivational speaker say “If you want to succeed, pretend you’re being held under water by someone and you’re drowning to death and air is success” Sorry if that’s triggering to anyone but it’s something i’d like to do now. Put more effort into it all. I’d rather be known for effort than talent. So listening to that may be part of my effort!

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Vinyl is crazy expensive :astonished: Ever been to Barnes and noble and try to buy vinyl??? It’s like $25-50 for every vinyl. I have a couple vinyls my dad gave me like Crown of Creation by Jefferson airplane and Vanilla Fudge…CD’s are much cheaper.

I guess stealing music is the true cheap way of listening to music, I had a couple beers today and I’ll probably end up just stealing music lol but it seemed like a good idea in my drunken mind. Listentoyoutube.com is a great site.

You have a lot of passion for your subject. That is clear and is cool. I have always liked your songs. I think they are good because you rap from the point of view of someone with a multitude of life experiences. All good hip hop includes that.

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Thanks I think that’s my biggest strength at this point…diversity of lyrics. But I still have a lot to work on. Work work work. I need to try harder cuz I kinda gave up for a pretty long time but now I’m motivated again and I need to keep reminding myself to STAY motivated. And do it for fun. Because I wanna purchase my studio one day not to become famous, not to make money, but because it’s my passion. Thank you so much!

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Albums can be a rip off. One or two good songs and the rest are rubbish. The likes of spotify etc. will quickly show you this. Check out any album you wish you’d bought in the 90s on spotify.

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You’re kidding right?
Barns and noble’s is a bookstore, at least it was last time I looked.

Anybody from the Bay Area remember "Rasputin’s Records "on Telegraph Ave back in the’80’s?
After scooping up an armfull of vinyl for under $70, Blondie’s Pizza across the street got my last $2.
Ah, the things the young 'uns will only know from reading about it.

Yeah Barnes and Nobles is a bookstore but they have a music section. They tend to sell The Weeknd, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, stuff like that, Vinyls, for $50 :astonished:

Everything else is expensive as well but those pop stars are minimum 40 bucks

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I have iTunes subscription. 3 months free and you can download as much music as you wish. I pay 10 bucks a month


I have napster. I really appreciate having all the music I want for $9.99 a month. I would’ve had to spend a fortune to listen to this much music without it or something like it.

I remember when napster was a way to download music for free Lol. Then the guy got involved with Mark Zuckerberg. And they started charging too because it got shut down. Amazing that company didn’t get ruined after being illegally run in it’s early days…

Actually they were bought by Rhapsody. Rhapsody changed their name to Napster about a year ago I think. They probably figured they’d get better name recognition.

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