I wish you didn't need to take meds all the time

My illness is episodic. In between episodes I am fine. I function fine. I am happy. I know that the older I get it seems there are fewer and fewer time periods where I do have this normality, but still. I want to be able to take psych meds when I am ill to pull me out of an episode and then when I am fine again stop taking them, but they aren’t designed that way. Instead you have to stay on them for ages and you are supposed to permanently deal with side effects and long term effects. I hope in the future they develop faster acting medications made to pull one out of episodes.

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I agree. I have the same issue. My illness is episodic too. The meds are ruining my life

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7-10 years and they should have better meds with less side effects. Not sure what to do until then

It’s because there’s not enough research and money in the field of psychiatry. It’s horrible. I’ve attended presentations where people who initially worked for pharmaceutical companies left because of how disgusted they were with procedure there. Negative side effects are regularly under reported or their significance downplayed because the scientists who work for big pharma don’t get paid unless the drugs get churned out. When I asked one woman who had worked for these companies about antipsychotics specifically she said that they had some of the worst cases of downplaying negative side effects and exaggerating positive ones.

Pharmaceutical companies should not be allowed to run studies looking at the effectiveness of their own product. That should be illegal. We’d solve this issue in no time if we had third party, non-profit organizations in charge of drug screening.

meds are what you get when you have schizophrenia…please don’t complain about having to take the meds…meds are your friend.

That’s too bad, it’s s shame really. We have to take a med that causes so much harm for such a small benefit. And people are suffering every day. With more specific medications taking your meds would not be as difficult. I think s big part of the stigma around mental illness comes from the meds and their side effects.

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I don’t see what’s bad about wanting improvement. Don’t you want to see a day where meds are more effective, faster acting and have minimal side effects?

I am on a med that has no side effects, took me a long time to find it but I am completely happy on meds…I take prolixin (fluphenazine generic)

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Yea @jukebox. Don’t be such a Debbie downer.
Wouldn’t you feel better about taking your meds if they had less or no side effects?

like I said, I have no side effects from my med.

But don’t you feel for the many other people who have not found a perfect med like you have? Or those who might never find the perfect med?

(I’m very happy that you found one that works so well for you by the way!! That’s awesome! :smile:)

Wouldn’t that be great Anna. Although I guess an AP that works completely and has no side effects would be better in my opinion.

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Lol too true. In a perfect world…

But in a perfect world we wouldn’t need psych meds at all, would we? Bwuhhh

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Yeah just a pill you take once that gets rid of the schizophrenia altogether. Maybe if we got the same money toward research that some other diseases get there would be more progress.

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