I wish they would just kick my ass and get it over with

Then I could relax and move on with life.

Unfortunately, I don’t know who “THEY” are.


You sound like you’re having a rough time @77nick77. Hope things get better soon.

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Hope you feel better soon Nick.

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I was half-kidding, lol. But that’s how I feel lately.

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They have and it resulted in terrible affects.

I bet you mean, if you give it to me, I’ll make amends.

Those ass kickings can get old very quickly. Maybe you should wish you won the lottery.

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IDK. One major ass-kicking is better than nickel and diming me to death with intimidation every day for who knows how long. Everywhere I go.

I understand the “they”. I have a “they” also, and I don’t know who they are. The problem is chronic. It wouldn’t make them go away.

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I too have a “they.” I’ve spent countless hours trying to figure out who the hell “they” are. I’ve entertained the ideas that “they” are the government, angels, demons, monsters, reptillians, aliens, archons, watchers, ghosts, doctors, lesser gods, and secret societies. I have never found a theory that makes sense, so I have to consider the possibility that “they” don’t exist as anything other than a product of my sick mind. It doesn’t make any sense because my mind is chaotic with this illness. I’m learning that the information I get from my mind is nonsense. Random psychotic thoughts that mean nothing. That’s not to say I’ve completely recovered from my delusions. The delusional ideas and voices are still in my mind, but I think life will be better if I try to be vigilant about which thoughts I choose to listen to, and which ones I discard as nonsense. Maybe it’s the same for you. You are here, so you have some insight. Think about it. Is it more logical that a mysterious group of people (or monsters or whatever) is torturing you, or that your mind is playing tricks on you?


yeah, all the above, of trapping us. I’m not sure your’e sick in mind,

most is meant to predict something in us.

Do you mean to say that we are not sick at all? I don’t think that is helpful. It’s important that we do our best to remain stable, which includes helping others out.

I feel you " it gets worse every year
Free will is something Idk
I feel so despised never ends at east a few x a year
This year it was just overwhelming but i kno delusions Coe n go but they don’t always a
Stay so

If only we could convince ourselves our hell was heaven


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