I wish there was a therapy for this

When I was in my anger phase and not in control of my anger I went to anger management therapy

When I was loosing my communicating abilities I went to CBT

When I was loosing my cognitive abilities I went to vocational training and therapy

When I was loosing myself to delusions and paranoia I went to my normal therapist.

So here I am, over reacting and being over protective and as a Man of almost 30 acting like a 15 year old teen.

Its there such thing as “over reacting and over protective” corrective therapy?

I feel I could use some “grow- up” therapy or workshop…

I’m a bit disappointed with myself concerning recent events.

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I get your point. They have parenting workshops for taking care of babies…

I think life and life experiences is the “grow-up” therapy. Learning from past mistakes. Recognizing that you over reacted is a sign of growing up. Welcome to “grow-up” therapy 101 :smile: It’s trial and error. The more experiences you have the better equipped you will be to handle them.


I think the most important thing is that you realize you said or did something you regret. And that is a good thing.

Today is a new day. Going forward you can put one foot in front of the other and vow not to make the same mistake. When it starts coming to your mind again, just think about your vow and push it away. Before you know it, it will be just a distant little memory. I adopted this system in my later years and it works pretty well for me. :partly_sunny:


Do they have parenting work shops for taking care of teen agers? I bet I would learn a lot out of that.

You know what makes me a bit sad… new born to 4 years old is over in a blink… but 16 and 17 seems to last forever.


The therapy is a mild form of psychopathy; get what you want and ■■■■ whoever gets in your way. I am maybe the most highly functioning person on this forum and I learned the hard way that you need to be a wolf in some situations, be selfish to a degree, don’t listen to other people, keep calm, carry on and to top it all off, don’t give a ■■■■.

I am very accomplished, straight A’s and I am getting pretty damn good at powerlifting, and I don’t give a ■■■■, I just do my thing and ignore what doesn’t help me.

Just keep focused on achieving your goals and everyone who has a problem is just jealous. When people give me ■■■■ to my face, I unleash my 75% score for psychopathy from the MMPI-2 on them and they just leave, they don’t have anything to say. That’s why no one has to balls to say ■■■■ to my face, I bite people who do.

But helping others who are close to me is still something I do. When a friend is in need, I help them. When a friend has a problem, I do my best to help them solve it. You should help your sis, that’s good, you and her are a team. Just ■■■■ everyone else.

before you ’ act ', write down the reasons for acting so protective.
read through the reasons to see if they are valid and warrant a reaction.
if they do warrant a reaction think through said future conversation, maybe writtings some notes to take with you, which can guide you and keep you within the parameters of the said issue at hand.
maybe put on the back of the front door the words, ’ stop, breath ,think. ’
take care