I wish the State would quit expecting the MI to be model citizens

How little they actually realize about their job and how much providers can do.

@PinCushion what is MI?

Mentally ill 151515

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Thanks, thewcifer.

Not just the state but everyone!!

I am having major issues with my family right now because my cognitive function is really bad without meds and with meds. Me and my spouse keep arguing because I forget what we talk about or say something he says he already told me. I am getting so fed up with this crap. Sorry not about me, just venting.

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Well, we are wrote off as irrereili vent

Dude man… You gotta Vent somewhere

where? I am stuck 24/7 around him and my parents who seem to come over every night now. Just dealing with a lot right now which is making me want to be in zombieland again. Drugged out so I just don’t have to deal.

mentally ill. just an abbreviation.

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That sucks. I myself detach my Self with alc, don’t be liks me

I’m just venting too. I live in an adult foster care home and an inspector is coming tomorrow (on a Saturday, even) because one of our bedrooms stank. Two women live in it, one showers every day, the other 3 times a week. They do their laundry weekly. Why their bodies give off an odor is not anybody’s fault. But the State thinks it’s not good enough. Every time, it’s a threat to our provider’s license and our home. Bah, humbug.

sorry chordy. Mabe their meds causing it. There was a post somewhere here about meds causing our skin to give off different odors.

ps. I like your name it is fun to say like gordy but chordy. :grin:

Hey Chordy -…,. are you doin ok? They Banned Me for months but now im back

I’m doing ok. ups and downs. I don’t understand a lot of your spelling but am glad you’re back.

Sorry for my spelling