I wish people helped me earlier

At age 13 I had a major autistic meltdown and my relatives (not parents) were going to call the police but I begged them not to
I wasn’t psychotic but I was out of control

Also I wish that someone had realized my fears/delusions earlier but i never told anyone so they didn’t find out even though it was distressing to me


If I was helped earlier I would’ve probably never ended up in a ward

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Whats autistic meltdown? Similar to psychosis?

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google autism meltdown or watch a video about it

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I did those while psychotic:

“A person having a meltdown typically screams, attacks people, hurts themselves and breaks things”

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I see but i didnt lose my grip on reality

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You are still very young. You have a good prognosis ahead of you if you can just get your behaviors under control.

Yeah I get that but if I was put on meds earlier maybe the behavior wouldve never escalated

Maybe, maybe not. Ruminating on how things could have gone differently won’t help you recover, though. You will be spending valuable energy on regrets.

Personally I don’t think an earlier treatment would have changed my situation. I would still have the same severe negative symptoms from meds. Before quitting meds I was on the same med I am on now and I have the same severe negative symptoms as before stopping meds for 2yrs.

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Yeah you’re right i’m sorry

It doesn’t matter who helped you in the past. What matters is that you can start helping yourself today.

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