I wish no new books or movies or shows or music came out

And I had infinite time in the world. But the fact that they keep releasing new ones and I don’t have all the time in the world makes me anxious when I’m reading something. Like if they stopped releasing stuff and time just froze id read everything ever written but the anxiety of you only have X amount of time I this earth and new things released daily makes me never get anything done. I once told my sister that in heaven I will read every book ever written and she said "what will you do when you finish? And there aren’t any books left? ". I think at that point id get sick of reading…

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I’ve never took to reading. Don’t know why, even when I was young I just couldn’t get into reading books. I can read but my vocabulary is poor.

No more new chapters of the Bible released since 1st century, but even though so, I have not finished reading the whole 66 small books of the Bible.

You have a high class problem there. I don’t have the concentration to read one book! :smile:

In fact, maybe you should take a break from reading for a while if you’re becoming obsessed with it?

Humans are beautifully self-customized like that, though. Nobody can read or watch or learn about everything, so each human decides what they want to read, watch and learn about, based on all the little subconscious and conscious factors that move them. I think it’s a part of the overall human condition, too. The fact that none of us can learn and experience everything, keeps us dependent on each other for sharing wisdom and knowledge. I like that.