I wish my bunnies could talk

Why can’t I hear the voices of my bunnies in my head. I’d rather hear that as positive symptoms then all the crap i normally hear. But Id probably end up like Son of Sam if I started hearing them talk to me. I really need to invent the Up collars. Id never be alone if my bunnies could talk


that’s nice, do bunnies speak or chirp?

They make these cool noises when they know food is coming and when they…”get frisky”


But they do talk. They just do it very, very quietly.

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Don’t they say “neh, what’s up duck!”.


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I’d love if you could record it and upload it! I’ve always wanted a bunny.

I’d call him odb and his pen would be brooklyn zoo.

U gotta get 9 bunnies and name them after all the members. If u get a bunny though I advise getting a bonded pair because bunnies get depressed without a buddy. And i would record it but the sound is too quiet to record. If i ever get my own house I’m gonna get a bunch of bunnies like 6. I’ll be the crazy bunny man

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