I wish it was common knowledge

i wish the hidden side effects of schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder and even the other illnesses i haven’t name were common knowledge. my dad and i have the same illness but we have different symptoms his is alot of paranoia and depression. mine is a combo of the negative, cognitive and positive symptoms.

i get accused of all the time being the only one messing up the apartment and its hard for me to get the motivation to clean and sometimes i get overwhelmed and just break down and cry.

my in laws said i can’t blame my laziness on my problem.

Lack of motivation to take care of our living space and ourselves is def an issue that stems from our illness…seems they along with most of the world lack the understanding that things they find easy and things they deem normal human upkeep are much more difficult for a lot of us to take care of like they think we should…


They need to take a long walk off a short cliff!

Would you defend yourself

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i tried to defend myself and my partner defended me my father in law just rolled his eyes and scoffed. i tried my best with my partner’s help to clean the apartment but it took us a few hours. my in laws just don’t understand whats it like to have no motivation to do anything. they push my partner too far too sometimes and expect her to be able to help at home and work 12 hour shifts 5 times a week at a nursing home.

If you’re trying to clean it all

Do one bottle at a time on every room

Don’t do all one room