I wish I was normal

Its so many things I want to do but I feel so cloudy most of the time I feel as though I cant accomplish anything.

I really believe everyone is born with a gift…

Find out what you excel at and enjoy and pursue these areas with the goal of completing a task…a task of endearment. Accomplishment in your ‘field’, even in a small way, will bring you some contentment and happiness.

I lurve just sitting at the piano or strumming my guitar. These are areas that bring me some peace of mind when the day-to-day rigors of life start weighing me down.


Waiting for a new piece from you Patrick…

I’m a ‘work in progress’…

I’m going to try to lay down some tracks this weekend with Bro in the hopes of possibly working with @odiledecaray down the road.


I wish I was normal, at least I used to think it would be nice to still work in my career as an architect…that was all taken from me. I worked hard for my degree for nothing. I like to play guitar or banjo now and paint paintings as an outlet for creativity like Patrick said. It’s all I have really.

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I can’t wait :heart::heart::heart:

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Well at least you weren’t a pilot. I don’t see why you can’t go back to architecture some day. Is it the negative symptoms? They get better. I take supplements.

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I better be on my game…

@odiledecaray…you’re very talented and a little intimidating to me. I hope what I eventually present to you measures up.

At any rate, it should be fun trying to hammer out a song together. :wink:

I’m blushing :blush:

Thank you so much for thinking of me.

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I try to do something productive for an hour a day. The hour can be at any time. All those one hours add up.

Maybe you could try that. Even an hour a day spent thinking about what you’d like to do and how feasible it is to start with.


Modest, he’s great @odiledecaray

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I agree this is how I manage my days.

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One step at a time @Brea99


I can’t concentrate or sit for longer than a few minutes without having to get up and pace…plus the stress of deadlines in architecture is high. no thank y ou. I tried five times to go back and each time I failed I became suicidal. better left alone. thanks for wondering.


Hey. Sorry to hear youre feeling down. I am in the same boat and would give anything to be “normal” again. I am told this is just a small obstacle we have to overcome, and could still do anything we desire. would go as far as to say theirs nothing wrong with you, and everybody has something, although I know better than to brush it off and pretend. Good luck. Kristina

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A lot of us are the same way. I know I am. If you find a way to beat it let me know.

I think mine is fighting. Even if I can’t be a fighter in the New World, it’s good defensive practice & a confidence booster. I shadow-boxed for nearly an hour today. I was practicing a ton of striking moves and it all felt really solid. My hooks are very tight, along with my right uppercut & strike.

I hope I have another day like today. I speed-walked so hard today that I now have some unfortunate chafing. Two hours worth of walking today. That’s a new milestone since being thrown on AP’s. I can tell my body is rejecting the AP’s because boy I felt tense anxiety & nausea at certain moments when I stopped moving.

Like you, I train for striking and fighting, but not too seriously. I will usually go to great lengths to avoid a fight, but there have been a couple of times I was glad I had trained to fight.