I wish I was more motivated and inspired

I wish I was more motivated and inspired…just so I can feel better.

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I get that. Have to find the middle between too motivated, like manically motivated, to where you can’t focus on any one thing, and total demotivation.

I just want to be a little motivated to do things. Just enough to keep doing something and not enough that I get easily distracted.

I completely believe, I have no negative symptoms.

Lucky. But demotivation is kind of a negative symptom.

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Demotivation, means really unmotivated…right?

Unmotivated to some extent. Not necessary total demotivation.

I tend to struggle with this. Either I’m high and over motivated and can’t focus as my thoughts race - or I have avolition.

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We have to know what motivates us first, what makes us feel better, instead of trying to be motivated by others practices.

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