I wish I never said that

My colleague persistently asking if my partner has proposed because I don’t want to leave it to late as I’m getting old (I’m 34)…hmmm … I kinda told her that we don’t plan on having kids or I would want to rush into it if I did. … She’s 35. I didn’t say that out of spite but if she wanna constantly judge me because I’m not married yet and I’m getting old mAybe she should look at herself that’s she’s not had kids yet. I don’t agree with that per se. … But if she puts so much importance to culture or society then that’s exactly the way a lot of people think.

Maybe I handled that wrong but I was getting angry

34 is not old! You have many years left.

I reckon 34 is a spring chicken

Yes, 34 is not old at all!

I’m 43 and still not married.

I’ve been with my partner for going on 12 years now. We aren’t married and are in no rush to get married. We just don’t place that much importance in it. I also don’t have any children, but i don’t want to have any either. Don’t worry about what other people have to say about you, so long as you’re happy. It is your life, live it in a way that makes you happy. That’s what i try to do.

12 years? That’s why she said something about it, not because of your age.

Indeed. 34 is definitely not old. I’m 31 myself.

I’m 34 too. There are so many 34 year old people who are not married.

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