I wish I moved away

My parents are trying to guardianship and will probably succeed. If I moved away they might not be able to find me and I would have a life with adderall which I can’t get because I’m at home. I don’t have a life here at home. They don’t let me go anywhere. I gained so much weight because I can’t go out and the medicine. This medicine isn’t helping me the main thing I’m paranoid about I’m still paranoid about. I have no relief.

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Why don’t they let you go out?

They don’t trust me.

You could do cardio exercise at home for losing weight.

I don’t feel like doing that. There’s nothing to motivate me to look good since I don’t ever leave my bed except to eat. My life sucks. I don’t think I have schizoaffective just ADD and I’m not being properly medicated.

What about all the delusions?

I don’t think they’re delusions. I just want to get the ■■■■ out of this house. I’m trapped here.

Maybe you could talk to your case manager or pdoc about coming off your med’s while you’re under supervision.

They won’t agree with that.

Where would you go? :frowning:

Anywhere. Just live on my own. I don’t need guardians telling me what to do. I just got worse being under their “care.”

you think you don’t have any delusions? From what i seen you post on this site i do think you got more problems than just ADD.

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