I wish i had someone to::


help me with social security and my finances. I barely have someone to help me with my health issues. They would help me though. I’m not organized and I REALLY could use help knowing everything for social security and insurance forms and all that. I’m kind of on my own and i’m always afraid i will forget something or not know something and do it wrong.


Could you get someone to teach you? I wasn’t born knowing how to manage money but I learned how. I had to be taught some of the stuff. Other stuff was simple. I do all my banking online. No one taught me, I just picked it up as I went along. I also manage my credit cards online. It was self-explanatory.I just made up a username and a password, just like on here and set up an account. The rest is just reading and clicking. I tell you, writing down income helps and THEN, writing down monthly bills. Make a list of every bill. on a piece of binder paper, list your current, food, utilities, gas money, internet,telephone etc…So you now you can see your monthly income vs. bills. Include entertainment and miscellaneous on the list. In conjunction with the list of bills, you should save EVERY receipt. THEN, at the end of each month, take another piece of binder paper, and gather together all your receipts and write down each dollar total and where it went. So NOW, you have down ALL your income. You have written down EACH monthly bill. And then you have in front of you WHERE you spent your money during the entire month and HOW much you spent at each place. Then just read look over your papers and you get a good idea of where all your moneys going.

Social Security can be stressful I know. But if you call their national phone number they will answer just about every question. The number is: 1-800-772-1213.


I don’t know what it’s like in your area, but libraries and community centers around me will offer some free classes on banking 101 or DSHS paperwork and how to fill it out. Libraries and “city resource centers” will also offer free saturday afternoon class on what the charges on your bills mean and how to take care of that sort of thing. I’ve been looking them up and getting ready to go. I have to register so the people know how many are coming.

You could also ask your Mom I’m sure. Let her know you want to look after yourself better and you feel your ready to try and learn this. I couldn’t see her saying no to that.


Two years ago a fire and brimstone televangelist was on tv doing a one hour show about finances. His rules

Pay off all debt
Cut up credit cards
Know the difference between wants vs needs

Needs- Toilet paper, toothbrush , toothpaste, shampoo, laundry detergent, food.

Wants- Music,Books, Ipod, ebookreader, clothes from the shopping mall, movie tickets, eating at fast food restaurants, Iphones. :sunny:


Thanks guys i can handle my bills okay i guess its more social security and insurance and my future saving for my future and someone just look out for me is what i’d like. But i’ve been wanting that all my life so that’s probably not going to happen.


My partner takes care of that stuff for me. She and my case worker through this clinic i went too helped me get SSI. I needed help through the hospital to sign up for medicaid.


It really sucks that there are so few places out there to help with this stuff. I feel for you. I’m going through my own personal hell right now trying to get insurance/medicaid. There are people out there that do bits and pieces but no one who could help facilitate the whole process.