I wish i could write something so awesome that people would feel amazing just by reading what i have wrote

something that knocks the socks off of people and makes them feel instantly amazing and instantly alive, something so good that they will be in awe at the most amazingness of it haha,

i feel pretty good just now, idk why

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ur posts is already awesome…isn’t it…???

i wish @far_cry0

i’d love to spread love and happiness all around,

you know that good feeling you get and you want it to stay, i want to share that with everyone and make it last as long as possible :wink:

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A turtle strolls by… reads a little and then smiles. :smiley:


He’s ecstatic because the new shell he ordered on Amazon.com will arrive in a week.

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It was a dark and stormy night.

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Why don’t write a book about the time you cheated that taxi driver out of his tip?

You already started now, write some more and finish it.

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